MySafe 1.0 for Windows 10


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MySafe allows you to save your internet environment (favorites, history, cookies, auto complete, etc…) and return to it at any time from anywhere.

When you lock MySafe, all you internet related information is stored on the MySafe’s central servers.
When you open MySafe again, from either the same computer or any other computer, MySafe will use its advanced synchronization mechanism to restore your internet environment to the exact same state it was in when you locked it, MySafe will even re-open the web pages that were open when you locked MySafe.

Since the information is stored on the MySafe’s central servers, you can move from one computer to another and continue surfing from exactly where you left off as if you were still on the same computer.

Because your internet related information is removed when you lock MySafe no one else will be able to see what sites you surfed to, what keywords you searched for or anything else you did on the internet. MySafe can even create fake history entries to make it appear as if you were doing something else

Easier Navigation
MySafe also helps you find favorites and history items faster. The MySafe Favorites and History windows show you a thumbnail and a description for each site.

By using patented algorithms, MySafe lets you sort your favorites and history according to your actual usage of the pages.

What information does MySafe store?
Currently MySafe stores the following information on the central server:
Currently open browsers Favorites URL History Auto Complete data Cookies Typed URLs
The information is stored on MySafe’s central servers using 128 bit encryption.
Your user name and password are stored with one-way encryption to make sure no one other than you will be able to discover your details.